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Implant Procedures

Implants for Bodybuilders

The areas of the body that most bodybuilders are looking to enhance with implants are the chest, calf, upper arm and buttocks. While other areas may be enhanced with custom implants or aesthetic surgery procedures, the 4 areas mentioned are by far the most frequently asked for cosmetic implant procedures. Using implants in these areas can provide bulk and a more sculptured physique for those that are unable to achieve their goal by exercise alone.

bodybuilding implants

Subpectoral Implants or pec implants are used to enlarge and enhance a man's chest area, providing more mass and the look of a larger, more muscular pectoralis major muscle.

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Calf Implants are used to enlarge and define the upper 1/3 of the lower leg, the area of the gastrocnemius muscle. This area is the most difficult for a bodybuilder to bring into balance with the rest of his body. Implants help.

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Bicep Implants are used to enlarge and enhance the upper arm bicep area providing more mass and the look of a larger, more developed bicep muscle.

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bodybuilding implants

Gluteal Implants or Buttock Implants are used to define and enlarge the buttock area, providing greater projection and the look of a fuller, more developed gluteus muscle.         more info...

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Explore your options and consider all alternatives. If you haven't tried going the route of an effective workout routine, read "Build Big Muscles Fast. Gain Muscle Mass Guide" by Chris Chew.

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