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General Information

Silicone implants have been available since their initial development in the mid-1940's. As with most technological inventions, there has been a gradual and continual improvement in the design and manufacture of silicone implants during the past 60+ years. Research has produced the current implants for body augmentation which are now soft and pliable and approach the same consistency as the tissue into which the implants are placed.

Silicone is available in many forms ranging from a liquid similar to water on through firmer consistencies that may be as firm as bone. Because of this ability to form a range of densities, and silicone's minimal tissue reaction, silicone implants are able to be used as static replacements for tissue deficiencies in many areas of the body. Almost everyone is familiar with breast implants used to augment women's breasts. These implants (which were the first silicone implants available for commercial use) were developed to mimic the consistency of fat in the female breast and were first made with silicone gel. Bodybuilding implants are solid silicone implants that have gradually been developed to the consistency of muscle tissue for which most of the implants are designed to augment.

Bodybuilding Implants

Currently, the most common implants available for augmentation in bodybuilders are subpectoral implants or pec implants, calf implants, biceps implants and gluteal implants or buttock implants. Implants for almost any part of the body can be made as a custom implant should they be required. Triceps, quadriceps, rectus abdominus implants (to form the six-pack) and testicular implants (for those men who have experienced testicular atrophy from steroid use) - to name a few - have been used with varying degrees of success.

New 3D Animation Virtual Demo
of Body Contouring Implants

3D Body Contouring Implants Animation Demonstration

Using new web technology, AART, Inc. offers you a 3 dimensional virtual view of the aspects and details of gluteal (buttock) implants, pectoral (male chest) implants, calf implants and the related procedures.

View AART's new 3D Virtual Demonstration
of Body Contouring Implants.

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